OK, these aren’t really questions, but we do hear them frequently:

1.)  “You’re playing the game wrong.”

Since we invented the game back in the 1990s, many people have discovered the game and made it their own, which is great.  Please play the game however you’d like!

2.)  “No, really, you’re playing the game wrong!  Look at this web page!  http://littledrummerboy.info/.”

Yes, that’s Nelz’s page.  We like Nelz.  He plays a very competitive version of the game. For instance, in his version of the game, “If someone plays a version of LDB for an in-person audience for the express purpose of ruining someone’s game, the player has not lost the game. ” Like we said, please play the game however you’d like, but Nelz’s version is not the original version of the game.

3.) “But, you’re playing the game wrong!  Look at this web page! https://littledrummerboychallenge.com/.”

Yes, that’s Michael Peck’s page.  We like Michael.  Michael seems to really like the song: the five dreadful onomatopoetic syllables regularly appear on his page.  We think the song is horrible, which is why we invented the game.  And in our experience playing the game, we have found that an important strategy is to avoid saying the name of the Devil, lest you summon him! But like we said, please play the game however you’d like.

4.) “The game doesn’t start until after Thanksgiving and ends December 23rd!”

Really, please play the game however you’d like.

Our version starts on dawn November 1st, and ends on dawn December 26th. We do have a bonus round from the dawn on the 26th to dawn the day after New Year’s Day, because, perversely, people and stores continue to play Christmas music through New Year’s.

In our opinion, ending the game prior to the end of Christmas day is like skipping the last two minutes of a football game, as Christmas day is the most difficult time to play.

5.)  “Wait, no, the game ends at the end of the day on Christmas Eve!”

Sigh.  The original version of the game is not played by those rules, but please play however you would like.