The rules of this game are simple:

  1. Avoid hearing the song The Little Drummer Boy (LDB) from dawn on November 1 through dawn on December 26. Bonus round is from dawn on December 26 to dawn on January 2.
  2. “Hearing the song” means any auditory perception of any reproduction of the song, or obvious notes or lyrics from the song, including but not limited to some guy at BART playing it on buckets, someone playing it in their car as they drive by, or your friend whistling it in the living room.  Jedi-level players will avoid “hearing” it in their head!
  3. The game is played on the honor system. You can ask original players their opinion on a ruling, but ultimately, only you know in your heart if you are out.
  4. Tree-in-the-forest ruling: If the song is on, but for one reason or another you do not hear it, you are NOT OUT. Example: if you and your partner are at Home Depot and your partner hears it, but you are distracted and do not hear it, your partner is out, but you are not. Play on!